In an awe-inspiring event, the legendary Ronnie Coleman, crowned 8 times Mr. Olympia, graced Oneabove Fitness, Lokhandwala, Oshiwara, Andheri West, Mumbai. The evening unfolded with an exclusive meet and greet, featuring insightful Q&A sessions on Ronnie’s extraordinary life and workout regimen.

ronnie coleman india

Fans were captivated as Ronnie generously shared his unparalleled journey to becoming the king of bodybuilding. The event transcended expectations, with enthusiasts delving into the nuances of his path to 8 Mr. Olympia titles. For over 6 hours, Ronnie Coleman mesmerized the audience, imparting wisdom, motivation, and unforgettable anecdotes.

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This unforgettable gathering was a testament to the indomitable spirit of fitness enthusiasts and the unique allure of Oneabove Fitness. The event not only celebrated a living legend but also ignited the flames of inspiration for those on their own fitness journey. Stay tuned for more extraordinary experiences at Oneabove Fitness, where greatness knows no bounds. 💪✨ #RonnieColemanAtOneAbove #FitnessRoyalty #InspirationUnleashed