Exercise Equipment

We have curated the best machines for each muscle from the world’s top manufacturers to deliver an injury-free and effective workout routine to you.


In addition to the housekeeping staff at your service, our gym is equipped with a disinfection system that secures you from any infections and ensures your health.


Our core strength is more than 40 years of fitness knowledge that is imparted to our fitness trainers, they are certified professionals trained to customize your workout as needed.


A world-class workout needs to be backed by a balanced meal plan, our Dietitians ensure you get a tailor-made solution when needed.


Are you looking for a “Gym near me”? stop now, Oneabove Fitness Koparkhairane was inaugurated on 18th March 2002 and as a policy is renovated every 2-3 years with the latest high-tech equipment, it is the best place for people of all fitness levels to find a workout that fits their needs in a spacious environment. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect program for your level and goal whether it may be, weight loss, weight gain, or building endurance, whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete you will find a solution. With our state-of-the-art infrastructure, you will get the best workout experience. Sign up at the most efficient gym in Koparkhairane.



Cardiovascular Fitness



Certified Trainers

Experience World-Class Workouts

Passion for fitness drives us to bring the best of the world to you for your fitness needs, we invite you to visit our facility and experience a difference in the way fitness is delivered at Oneabove.

Personal Training

Our team of experienced and certified Personal Trainers is always available to help you with specific goals and targets. You unlock an extreme service level by enrolling for Personal Training, our trainer would train you in one-to-one sessions helping you achieve your goals faster, safer, and in a fun way.


It’s important to remain free of any injury, the trainer ensures the most effective exercises are done risk-free leading to quick results. The Personal trainer also ensures that your form and technique are perfected to avoid any future injuries and optimize results.

Dynamic Programming

While a long-term goal-oriented approach is essential it is also important to consider your day-to-day routine and how it impacts your workout, the Personal Trainer understands discrepancies in your routine and modifies the program on the go for the most effective results.


Our Personal trainers regularly assess your fitness levels and record various changes and progress or setbacks through your fitness journey to ensure your goals move in the right direction or corrective action is taken at the earliest.

Gym Hours

Mon: 6am – 10:30pm

Tue: 6am – 10:30pm

Wed: 6am – 10:30pm

Thu: 6am – 10:30pm

Fri: 6am – 10:30pm

Sat: 6 am – 10:30pm

Sun: 9am – 12pm